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Family Bundle


Curated collection of new, rare, premium-quality board games for all ages – over $75 in value!

Guaranteed to ship within 7 days, for arrival before the holidays!

Each box will contain:
  • Sutakku (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible)  (1-12 players, all ages)
  • Fluxx: AdventureTime (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible) (2-6 players, all ages)
  • Fluxx: RegularShow (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible) (2-6 players, all ages)

Fluxx: The rules and win conditions keep changing in this unique card game! Each version of Fluxx is totally different, and they can even be combined!

Sutakku: Roll your dice and roll some more. Do you want to take the risk and “go for broke?” Beautiful quality components.


* Continental USA only. * Sales tax may apply in some states.
Allow 7-10 days to receive shipping confirmation.

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3 rare, collectible games, including 2 versions of Fluxx, plus the classic “push-your-luck” dice rolling game Sutakku from Smirk and Dagger.

  • Sutakku (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible)
  • Fluxx: AdventureTime (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible)
  • Fluxx: RegularShow (MSRP: $30) (rare/collectible)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 9 × 20 cm