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The King’s Bundle


Total value for this bundle is approximately $200!

Curated collection of new, premium-quality board games. No duplicates within each bundle. If you order this bundle plus Family Bundle, we guarantee no duplicates between them.

FREE SHIPPING! *  Ships within 7 days, for arrival before the holidays!

• Contains 6+ games, including The King’s Guild (Award: Dice Tower Mark of Excellence. MSRP: $60 on its own).
In addition to The King’s Guild (guaranteed), each box will contain 5+ of the following:
  • BattleCon: Devastation of Indines (MSRP: $80)
  • BattleCon: Fate of Indines (MSRP: $45) *
  • Outbreak: Undead RPG (MSRP: $40) *
  • Drako: Dragons & Dwarves (MSRP: $30) *
  • Tiny Epic Defenders (MSRP: $25)
  • Cthulhu 500 (MSRP: $20) *
  • Circus Flohcati (MSRP: $25) *
  • Dungeoneer: Haunted Woods of Malthorin (MSRP: $20)


* indicates the most common items in the bundle. The King’s Guild is guaranteed.

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Contains 5+ games, plus The Kings Guild [MSRP: $60.00 on its own]. Total value for this bundle is approximately $200!

The most common set of games in this bundle in addition to The King’s Guild (as of November 1st, 2021) are: BattleCon: Fate of Indines, Outbreak: Undead, Cthulhu 500, Drako: Dragons & Dwarves, and Circus Flohcati.

This list will be updated when supplies run low and new games get added to the batch.

The King’s Guild is a strategy board game where 1-6 players of all ages compete to establish the most renowned guild. Lead your guild to prosperity by crafting powerful equipment, sending heroes on quests to earn treasure, and upgrading your guild with unique characters and rooms. Scroll down to the Description to see a video about it.

Each turn, choose one action to improve your guild:
• Gather resources to supply your warehouse
• Craft powerful equipment to send heroes on quests
• Upgrade your guild by hiring unique specialists and building new rooms

You’ll earn prestige for your quests, specialists, rooms, and treasures you’ve collected. When the king passes on and the council arrives, will your guild rise above the rest? The leader with the most prestige will ascend to the throne, and earn the title of the King’s Guild!

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 60 × 34 × 34 cm